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"If it moves you to attentiveness, it is art. If it doesn't then it is something else"

Milton Glaser

This one of a kind necklace is a timeless show stopper, hand made by me using a collection of metal vintge details, sword pendant and swaroski crystals. It's composed as a unique piece of art, one of my favorite! I enjoy creating jewelry that expresses meaning, depth and a daring full range of self expression. All is created with great love and care, a pure celebration of my heart and hands working together.


Sword: 8X2.2cm at max.

Clear and blue perndant in the middle: 5X5cm.

Weight: 89gr.



Vintage Shield Sword Necklace

  • This colorful necklace features rich rhinestones ornaments, vintage sword, gold tone shield pendant and brass chains.

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